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Expert Judgment Recovery

Knowing how to enforce a judgment after a win in the courtroom is important when recovering what is yours. When it comes to judgment enforcement you need us in your corner. Collecting on a judgment is easiest with a knowledgeable helping hand and in our case, a team of licensed attorneys to help in the judgment recovery process.

We Recover Large Judgments

We have some of the best judgment recovery services around. This is why we ONLY focus on judgment enforcement over $50k, we only take on serious clients. Our dedication to larger cases allows us the freedom to focus more time and energy on collecting judgments we can take on.

There are no legal judgments too large, we take on many types of clients including.

  • We Enforce Supreme Court judgments: No judgment is too big for the Judgment Experts, we understand how far youve come. We will take any and all judgments from the Supreme Court to the finish line.
  • Recover Federal Court judgments: When it comes to high court judgments, our recovery and enforcement abilities are amongst the best. We will never let any judgment stand in our way; were in it for the long haul.

Collecting on a Judgment can be Time-Consuming

When you need to collect a judgment our team of recovery specialists spare no expense when it comes to business & corporate lawyers, or any other resources required to do the job. The best part? We have upfront costs or fees, we are only paid when you receive your money.

We spend our time doing the dirty work, tasks like:

  • Researching and investigating debtor assets
  • Processing court filings
  • Issuing executions
  • Extensive legwork
  • Keeping track of the timetables of the court

All of the proper legwork can lead to a successful post judgment collection for all parties involved.

What Is a Judgment

A judgment is a legal financial obligation for a set amount of money that has been determined owed by the debtor in a court of law. There are small claims of less than $1,000 that someone can owe to another party. These small claims are common and can be managed often by the party who is owed the money. The larger judgment claims of money owed may need further legal assistance. The larger debts are frequently managed by private investigators and by attorney law firms.

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Our Services

We use a variety of legal methods including:
  • Charging/Turnover Orders
  • Alter Ego Auctions
  • Forced Sale Of Real Estate
  • Assignment Orders
  • Garnishment
  • Seizures - vehicle, bank, securities
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Judgment Enforcement Experts
Why Judgment Experts

Why Choose Judgment Experts

  1. We are the only judgment enforcement company that employs an attorney to personally oversee every case and prosecute every action. Our legal team stays close to each case to ensure your judgment recovery is quick and goes as smooth as possible. We spare no expense making sure your judgment is handled legally and professionally.
  2. Our enforcement team is extremely well-funded. It is very expensive to enforce a judgment. Costs such as investigation, court fees, court reporter fees, attorney fees, etc. can really add up. The question to a prospective assignor is: Can your judgment enforcement company afford a long, protracted fight? We can!
  3. The proven track record speaks for itself. We are a well established judgment recovery company that has collected millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. We do whatever it takes to make sure you get the judgment you were awarded.
  4. We can collect on bankrupt debtors when others can not. Our specialized bankruptcy attorneys focus on every case where the debtor files for bankruptcy. That's why we've collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from bankruptcy debtors who thought they could escape their reach by filing bankruptcy.
  5. We enforce judgments in all 50 states. So if the person who owes you money (called the "debtor") moves to another state, we will track them down. We make sure you get the judgment you have won.
You won't pay any upfront fees, ever. In fact, we only receive compensation when we successfully collect your judgment. It's as simple as that: we only get paid when you do, guaranteed!
Our Clients Say It Best!

I'd be lost without The Judgment Experts. Thank you so much for your help. - Rosetta G.

Thank you so much for your help. We're loving it. Your company is truly upstanding and is behind its product 100%. - Jerrome L.

The very best. I'd be lost without The Judgment Experts. It's really wonderful. The Judgment Experts did exactly what you said it does. - Rick E.

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