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While just about anyone can go get certified to collect a judgment after some training there is no comparison to a judgment enforcement agency with immediate access to a legal team which is well-versed in the collection process.

We understand that your lawyers seemingly dropped you off in the middle of nowhere after winning your judgment. Dont be left with any sight of the finish line having to attempt to collect for yourself. Our networked attorneys are the best recovery specialists around, judgment recovery & enforcement is what they do. Besides just for peace of mind it helps to have resources available when some of the many legal actions need to take place for a successful judgment recovery such as.

Even after all the initial leg work when it comes time to enforce a judgment there are a number of ways such as

or other means of collection that are required to fulfill the judgment that may also require an attorneys assistance.

The courts will not help you with all of this, but we can help! Because of these reasons alone is why about 80% of all civil judgments end up uncollected. Why would you let all this time and effort just go to waste, get whats yours.

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