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We Enforce Judgment Collections

If you have not considered getting help when collecting a judgment you may want to at least consult an expert before going out yourself. Not knowing which opportunities are and are not available before enforcing a judgment can be costly to any case.

When you use a judgment recovery company like ours you can be assured that your case is handled by people that care. Our team of licensed attorneys specializing in Corporate, State and Federal judgment enforcement and have thousands of hours experience doing so.

Any & All Judgment Collection Requests are Welcome

While we would love to accommodate everyone with collecting on a judgment, but we only work for cases larger than $50,000. This allows us to put the time, dedication, and resources into each and every client, every time. We are in it for the long haul, so when you need any judgment collected, or simply a helping hand when you need to.

We can Collect a Judgment Order even after Bankruptcy

When faced with a judgment collection where the debtor has declared bankruptcy most people will chalk it up as loss. There is where working with a professional judgment recovery business comes in handy; when it comes to recovering assets from a bankruptcy we are professionals.

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