Judgment Enforcement FAQ

When it finally comes time to enforce a judgment we understand that you have been through a lot already and you may have many questions. These are the questions we are asked the most often when it comes to judgment collection and getting what is rightfully yours.

Q: Why cant the court acquire my money?
A: The role of the court in the debt collection process is only to grant the winner a judgment. The job of the court is done once they determine the judgment debtor owes you money. Most court systems are not even allowed to advise you how to collect judgment money from your debtor. After being issued a judgment most creditors will often simply ask to be repaid and end up like 80% of all court-ordered judgments, uncollected.

Q: Who can help collect my judgment?
A: Without the court assisting with collection you are still left with many options. One of the more common routes is allowing a 3rd party to handle the judgment for you. You can choose to use a debt collection agency or a judgment enforcement company. Even if you do not want to hire a company there are basic ways of simply reaching out yourself, but that itself is highly advised against.

Q: What is the difference between a collection agency and judgment enforcement company?
A: Most collection agencies tend to follow a more typical route to collecting your debt such as applying forward pressure to a debtor with mailers, phone calls, and occasionally in person. At Judgment Experts we find the methods of enforcement companies to be more successful and rewarding. The judgment enforcement companies in our network have the resources to have your back all the way to though the legal system and to your paid judgment. Imagine your debtor first learning of your collection progress when we successfully levy their hidden bank account, garnish their wages, or manage to seize a car, boat, truck, or other assets; judgment enforcement.

Q: How do I pay for such services?
A: There are many options when it comes to how we accept judgment enforcement cases and where the expenses are absorbed. There are cases where they will take the case on complete contingency having their company cover expenses, but there are also cases where they take the case also on contingency and you advance the costs, and even again where the costs need to be advanced by the creditor with an hourly retainer agreement. Every judgment is different, best way to find out what works best is to contact us by filling out the form on the right!

Q: Are guarantees offered for collection?
A: Absolutely not, if a collection company, person, or agency offers you a guaranteed collection be wary. No attorney can guarantee how any particular court issue will play out when attempting to collect from an entity that has no assets, or who manages to successfully discharge your debt in bankruptcy proceedings.

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