Wage Garnishment

Garnish Wages to Enforce your Judgment

When youre thinking of garnishing wages to enforce a judgment it is good to know the process. This is a standard method of bill collection that is frequently used. It is a legal method that can lead to the end of a judgment that has been won. There are several legalities that need to be resolved concerning this type of collection.

Collecting a Judgment

Collecting a cash judgment that has been won through the court system can be complex. The type of assets that the debtor party has available for lien collections will determine the viability of a judgment. The following are additional factors to understand about collecting a judgment after it has been approved:

  1. The debtor who owes the outstanding bill may have a type of judgment proof status. This means that the debt may be approved for collection, but the debtor does not have the means to pay the judgment out.
  2. Being judgment proof can mean that there are no bank accounts to lien against, and the individual does not own any property. Finding a method that is successful for a cash payout against a judgment can be challenging.
  3. Wage garnishment is one method that is used by collection firms. Garnishing someones income may need an approval by a local court system. The wages available for collection must be above a certain living wage. There can be no other liens against the source of income such as child support.

Garnishing Wages Successfully

Finding the right debtor in this type of legal situation can involve working with the employees human resources department. These employment professionals will be aware of any other liens that have been placed against an employees wages. The amount of income will be available through this company personnel department. One caution to consider is overloading an income account or causing unnecessary job dismissal. Too many account liens can create a problem employee and a subsequent dismissal.

Methods of Enforcement

There are several methods of judgment enforcement, and these are the following

  1. A self-directed approach can be taken. This approach is a two party mediation that concerns the amount of money owed. Having a successful judgment ordered by a court system can create leverage in these negotiations.
  2. A judgment can be reduced in amount and paid out through an easier payment plan.
  3. The debtor can elect to pay out the balance due through an employment wage garnishment.

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